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Linebach Funkhouser Receives Subcontracts for Ohio River Bridges Project

Linebach Funkhouser, Inc. (LFI) was recently awarded two subcontract agreements with Walsh Construction Co. and Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. to manage environmentally affected materials that may be encountered during upgrades to Spaghetti Junction and the new Downtown Crossing over the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky. LFI will serve as the Contaminated Materials Manager under the subcontracts. Affected soils and other materials resulting from historical operations of various industrial and commercial properties within the footprint of the construction must be properly characterized and managed in accordance with regulatory requirements.

LFI will provide project-wide management of affected materials including development of Site Management Plans, Materials Management Plans, Corrective Action Plans, Construction Monitoring Plans, and Environmental Health and Safety Training, as needed, for site workers.

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