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LFI Awarded On-Call Environmental Services Contract for International Airport & Bowman Field Airport

By: Bill Johnston, P.G.

Linebach Funkhouser, Inc. (LFI) was awarded the On-Call Environmental Services Contract by the Louisville Regional Airport Authority (LRAA) on October 16, 2014. LFI will provide various specialized environmental services related to construction projects and regulatory compliance issues associated with the operation of Louisville’s International Airport and Bowman Field Airport.

Services will include regulatory permitting, preparation of contract documents for SPCC related projects, removal of USTs, installation and inspection of ASTs, site delineation, characterization/disposal of hazardous/special wastes, Phase I/II studies, soil remediation studies, surface/subsurface water quality studies, de-icing studies, air quality studies, and conducting workshops for Louisville Regional Airport Authority staff and tenants. LFI will also provide consulting services concerning 24-hour environmental emergency response actions as part of the annual contract.

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