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Nearby subsurface contamination can cause impacts to inhabited buildings above.
You need LinebachFunkhouser.

Soil  vapor  intrusion  is  a  real  threat  to  human  health  and  the environment. LFI  can  assess  that  potential  in  a  targeted,  tiered approach  to  provide  you  with  the  answers  you  need  to  make educated  business  decisions.  Quality  work  starts  with  quality professionals leading the way. Trust LFI with your vapor intrusion concerns.

Soil  Vapor  Intrusion  Assessments

We  use  a  respected,  tiered approach that will determine the potential risk involved with your site.

Soil  Vapor  Intrusion  Mitigation

Remedies  can  be  as  simple  as installing fans to as complex as installing extensively engineered barrier systems. Let LFI assess your site’s specific needs.

LFI  Capabilities

LFI  is  a  leader  in  vapor  intrusion  investigation  and mitigation. Our experience includes extensive assessment work for KDEP and other municipalities.

Applicability and Future Regulation

While the degree of risk may be debatable,  vapor intrusion is now on the radar of regulators and is here to stay.  Vapor intrusion concerns have spanned  several  notorious environmental  areas  including UST sites and dry cleaners. Future regulation is imminent and will likely only increase. You need someone with experience assisting you in these complex matters.

Soil Vapor

Intrusion / Mitigation

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