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Linebach Funkhouser can cost effectively remediate soil and groundwater contamination.

Linebach Funkhouser has the experience and knowledge to develop site specific, cost-effective remedial approaches for the remediation of soil and groundwater contamination associated with petroleum, chlorinated solvents, and metals contamination. Based on the contamination identified and the end use of the project, the remedial measures Linebach Funkhouser has utilized range from complete treatment of the groundwater plume, to in-situ soil treatment, to the excavation and disposal of the impacted soils.

The Key to a successful remediation is obtaining sufficient data to delineate the horizontal and vertical extent of contamination. Linebach Funkhouser has the experience to know what is considered enough data without generating excessive cost by making the project a “research project.”

Linebach Funkhouser has utilized in-situ chemical oxidation technologies, trap and treat, soil blending, and soil stabilization at various sites. By understanding the physical process and the extent of contamination we can tailor a remedia l strategy to meet the client’s goals. Linebach Funkhouser understands the reality and challenges of groundwater and soil remediation as well as effective site characterization. We are upfront with our clients on the challenges they will face and the efficacy of the designs proposed. We pride ourselves in both our expertise and our honesty.

Soil and Groundwater


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