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Linebach Funkhouser, Inc. works with clients to generate a COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION for site redevelopment.
A Risk-Based Site Management Plan developed by LFI will expedite the process for property owners to put their property back to use.

LFI has developed Risk-Based Site Management Plans for both public and private entities across the country. Site Management Plans present measures to minimize risks associated with residual contaminants in site media. The measures are designed to control site activities that could potentially interfere with the effectiveness of a remedy (i.e. site cap) or increase the extent of residual contaminants.

Site Management Plans prepared by LFI are routinely reviewed and approved by state, local and federal agencies. The plans have:

  • Allowed for the development of public use areas,

  • Aided in continuing facility operations without extensive disturbance,

  • And helped in the preparation of construction specifications for future site development that meet health and safety requirements as well as regulatory needs.

Site Management Plans are a means to limit exposure to contaminated soil and groundwater  while allowing for on-going operations or future activities. By combining a Risk-Based Site Management  Plan  with  remedial  measures,  Linebach  Funkhouser  is  able  to  tailor  the objectives of the client to meet the needs of regulatory agencies.

Risk-Based Site

Management Plans

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