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Baldt Anchor & Chain

Chester, PA

The former Baldt Anchor & Chain facility on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is part of American history, manufacturing anchors and chains for the United States Navy dating back to 1901. The anchor for the USS Arizona, now memorialized in Pearl Harbor, was manufactured at the facility.

In 2012, manufacturing operations at the facility were shut-down as a result of a changing world economy. The property sat dormant, with divestiture and redevelopment opportunities impeded by liability concerns regarding the site’s real and perceived legacy environmental conditions.


In 2014, Linebach Funkhouser, Inc. (LFI) was retained by Baldt’s ownership to resolve the outstanding environmental issues and better position the site for potential sale and redevelopment. To that end, LFI developed a risk-based approach and shepherded it through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Voluntary Cleanup Program. LFI met with PDEP representatives up-front to develop a positive working relationship that facilitated the project timeline and reduced the potential for lengthy reviews and report revisions.

LFI conducted focused soil and groundwater assessment work, drummed waste characterization and removal, targeted source remediation, and UST removals as part of a cost-effective, risk-based management approach that was approved by PDEP. Work was completed and all required documents were submitted to PDEP within an enhanced timeframe. Approvals from PDEP were received and the site was purchased by a new end-user in mid-2015.

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