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Linebach Funkhouser evaluated 650 electrical substations in five months.
Efficiency Matters.

LG&E Energy is a diversified energy services company serving 840,000 electricity customers through their Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities subsidiaries.

In a competitive process, LFI was chosen over large national engineering firms to evaluate 650 electrical substations located throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Virginia with regards to oil spill control and recent changes to EPA’s Oil Pollution Prevention regulations (40 CFR 112).

LG&E lauded LFI’s exemplary technical work, which was completed on an accelerated schedule and at a cost $300,000 less than the quotes from larger firms (nearly $500 less per substation).

LFI developed a Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan to meet EPA’s requirements of 40 CFR 112. To standardize operations and to streamline the process, one master plan was prepared for all of the substations, with separate sections of the plan addressing the features specific to each substation. Substations were ranked and prioritized in accordance with criteria originally developed by LFI to present practical, cost-effective options for controlling oil spills.

The evaluations of the substations were completed in five months and included the assessment of data provided by LG&E, completion of site visits, and the collection of additional data.

Key Services
  • Site Evaluations

  • SPCC Master Plan

Regulatory Programs/Issues
  • Oil Pollution Prevention

  • 40 CFR 112

  • Accelerated Schedule

  • Large Number of Sites

LG&E Electrical


KY, IN and VA
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