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Bay Zinc Company

Yakima, WA
Linebach Funkhouser delivered unprecedented service under strict business deadlines.

As part of due diligence activities for the purchase of certain assets of Bay Zinc, LFI identified environmental liabilities and costs that may have been associated with the assets. For the deal to be accomplished, assessment activities and cleanup cost estimates had to be completed within an extremely limited timeframe.

The Bay Zinc Company had produced zinc sulfate micronutrient fertilizer at their Yakima, Washington, plant since 1972.

A site-wide soil and groundwater assessment strategy was implemented. LFI analyzed sampling data in the field and provided daily recommendations to the client to fast-track the project. LFI developed a risk-based cleanup strategy and submitted a Remedial Action Plan for State review. LFI’s work was subsequently approved by the Washington Department of Ecology in an unprecedented timeframe, meeting the business schedule for the completion of financial arrangements. LFI subsequently prepared a Site Management Plan and assisted with soil and groundwater remediation activities at the site.

Key Services
  • Phase II Assessment

  • Voluntary Cleanup Plan

  • Site Remediation

  • Negotiation with WDOE

  • Cleanup Cost Opinion

  • Site Management Plan

Regulatory Programs/Issues
  • RCRA

  • Voluntary Cleanup

  • Agreed Order

  • Accelerated Schedule

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