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EPA’s goal for 40 CFR Part 112 is to prevent oil discharges from reaching navigable U.S. waters or adjoining shorelines.

Linebach Funkhouser’s goal is to make sure you are in compliance.

Partnership Matters.

LFI has worked with electrical utilities, bulk storage terminals, and industrial facilities across the country to meet EPA’s Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) rules.  LFI staff, including Registered Professional Engineers, have assisted clients will all aspects of oil spill control and containment.  Our experts have prepared SPCC plans, designed and installed secondary containment systems, and developed innovative ways to meet the SPCC rules at literally hundreds of facilities.

LFI is known not only for finding economical and practical solutions to meet the SPCC requirements but also for finding workable solutions that best fit your operation. If you have oil at your facility, LFI can help you meet your SPCC requirements.

Key Services:
  • SPCC Plan preparation and P.E. Certification

  • Oil Spill Contingency Plan preparation

  • Evaluation of spill scenarios and flow patterns

  • Spill modeling and determining likelihood of reaching navigable waters

  • Engineering design of secondary containment structures

  • Installation of secondary containment structures

  • Evaluating existing containment structures for compliance

  • Training your employees in the SPCC requirements

SPCC - Plans

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