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Breathe Easier.

You need a dependable partner to completely handle issues so you can focus on your bottom line.

Linebach Funkhouser manages permits from application to implementation.

Dedication Matters.
LFI can help you
  • Obtain workable permit conditions and the correct permits

  • Develop emission factor calculations

  • Negotiate with regulatory agencies

  • Design site specific plans to maintain compliance

  • Create custom spreadsheets for future calculations

Air Quality Permit Types:
  • Federal, state, and local regulatory programs

  • Construction

  • Operating

  • Permit modifications

  • State-origin

  • Title V

  • Prevention of Significant Deterioration

Dispersion Modeling

Modeling is an important part of the permit application and chemical release scenarios.  Whether a facility or point source air emissions model is implemented, we will interpret the output and develop cost-effective solutions.

Emissions Inventories & Calculations:
  • Inorganic chemical manufacturing

  • Automotive parts suppliers

  • Printing facilities

  • Brick and tile manufacturing

  • Appliance and furniture manufacturing

Air Permitting/


Industrial Smoke
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