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RCRA Closure and Corrective Action can be complex.

Linebach Funkhouser can help get you through it.
Experience Matters.

LFI’s  compliance  team  has  extensive  experience  in meeting  all requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act for the USEPA(RCRA).  From  small  operations with  minimal  hazardous  waste activities, to large facilities with multiple waste management units, we can provide whatever level of help you need.

LFI’s  compliance  professionals  have  a  thorough understanding  of  the closure and corrective action regulations and have worked with regulators across the country to ensure that our clients meet all of their RCRA requirements.

Our professionals can provide whatever level of assistance you need, from traversing the regulatory maze to site remediation and closure. LFI can evaluate your facility to determine applicable RCRA requirements, prepare the necessary work plans and closure plans and conduct RCRA Facility Investigations, including all sampling and monitoring.

RCRA  Closure is  the  process  of  taking  a  RCRA hazardous  waste management unit, such as a treatment, storage, or disposal (TSD) unit, out of service. Closure is required for all hazardous waste management units following the termination of a permit or facility closure.

RCRA Corrective Action is the process for facility owners and operators to clean-up areas that have been used to treat, store or dispose of hazardous waste at their facility.

Key Services:
  • Evaluation of closure options

  • Preparation of a Corrective Action Work Plan and Closure Plan

  • Completion of Facility Investigations

  • Sampling of solids, sediments and groundwater

  • Regulatory negotiations

  • Site clean-up and closure

RCRA Closure /

Corrective Action

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