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We put the EXPERT in Expert Witness.

You want somebody that can answer questions on the stand in a court of law (or equivalent forum) that will testify with defensible information relevant to an environmentally related case.

You need Linebach Funkhouser.

Our expertise is derived from and can be qualified by a court based on a combination of our:
  • Science-based education degrees (i.e. geology, hydrology, environmental science and engineering).

  • Practical field experience (i.e. up to 25 years in the business).

  • Extensive knowledge base of federal, state and local environmental rules, guidelines and regulations.

Utilizing our specialized knowledge, training, skills and experience, LFI’s expert witnesses can provide a professional opinion to:
  • Satisfy a court that the expert witness is qualified to testify.

  • Evaluate technical/hypothetical situations in an effort to educate the trier of fact based on sufficient data and facts.

  • Respond in an unbiased, professional and concise manner for the benefit of the plaintiff or defendant in an environmental related case

Litigation Support /

Expert Testimony

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