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Linebach Funkhouser cleared property use restrictions impacting redevelopment and reuse at the former Indiana Army Ammunition Plant.

LFI was retained by the River Ridge Development Authority to develop and implement a groundwater study at the former Indiana Army Ammunition Plant (INAAP) in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Thousands of acres were restricted from redevelopment due to nearby sensitive habitats. The results of the study were needed to clear property use restrictions that prevented construction activity in key areas of this important redevelopment area.

Experience Matters.

The former INAAP facility is subject to an Endangered Species Restrictive Covenant through the US Fish and Wildlife Service to protect bat species within sensitive habitats. Dye trace studies were needed to determine if development at the INAAP would affect these areas.

LFI developed a Work Plan that was accepted by US Fish & Wildlife, negotiated with regulators and stakeholders, and has now performed five dye trace studies, clearing the way for the development of over 2,900 acres. The services provided by LFI were essential in the construction of key parcels of the former INAAP, including the building.

Key Services
  • Dye Trace Work Plan

  • Five Dye Trace Studies

  • Cleared 2,900+ Acres

Regulatory Programs / Issues
  • Property Redevelopment

  • US Fish & Wildlife

Army Ammunition Plant

Jeffersonville, IN
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