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LFI conducted a common-sense Phase I Environmental Assessment to separate perceived environmental impairments and liabilities from actual ones.  LFI then developed a Property Management Plan (PMP) that was approved by KDEP. The PMP identified potential exposure pathways and included provisions and procedures for eliminating them, using the stadium itself and surrounding parking areas as caps over affected soil.


The project was able to move forward and was christened by Kentucky’s Governor and other dignitaries in a groundbreaking ceremony in July of 2018.  LouCity will be playing in their new showpiece home, to be known as Lynn Family Stadium, when the season begins in 2020.

Lynn Family


Louisville, KY

In 2017, Louisville’s professional soccer team (LouCity) was looking for a permanent home, a new stadium to showcase their talent and represent the City of Louisville in a high-profile way.  To meet the objectives of the team’s ownership and the City, the site needed to be an economic driver for private investment in an urban area accessible to foot-traffic and capable of supporting retail, hotel, and commercial enterprises --- all at a price-point amenable to the budgetary constraints of all the interested parties.


A location meeting the demanding criteria for stadium construction and area development was identified; however, similar to most such locations in urban areas around the United States, environmental challenges and associated legacy issues were associated with the desired location.  A vehicle salvage yard, old industrial operations, old above-ground storage tanks, and a site being regulated under the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection’s  (KDEP’s) RCRA Program stood to be a road block.  


LFI was up to the challenge. Working with the City of Louisville, LouCity’s ownership, KDEP, and specialized contractors, LFI developed an innovative plan to clear deal-killing hurdles.   LFI proposed an approach that would effectively manage environmental costs and meet all of the development and regulatory requirements, revitalizing the site through KDEP’s Brownfield Redevelopment Program.

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