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Environmental Compliance
at your facility – it has to be right.

Linebach Funkhouser understands what it takes to keep a working facility in compliance and has  the regulatory experience to make it happen for you.

Experience Matters.

LFI has extensive industrial experience and a team of environmental compliance specialists.

We have years of auditing experience at facilities ranging from small commercial operations, to large industrial plants, to waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.

Our audits are tailored to each specific facility and each specific situation.

LFI has extensive demolition experience ranging from small, single-story buildings to large, multi-building industrial complexes.

LFI can help you evaluate compliance with:
  • Air Quality and Permitting

  • RCRA Waste Management

  • Wastewater Management and Permitting

  • Storm Water Management and Permitting

  • SPCC Planning

  • EPCRA Reporting

  • Environmental Management Systems

  • Hazard Communication

Compliance Audits

Technicians at Work
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