When it comes to waste management, you need a consultant that understands the entire issue from beginning to end.

LinebachdotFunkhouser is that consultant.

Knowledge Matters.

Proper waste characterization and management is key for any operation that generates, handles or disposes of waste. LFI’s staff includes experts with many years of experience in the management of both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. From the point of generation to final disposal, we can help you properly identify, store, manage, and dispose of your waste.

Waste management can be complicated, and the state and federal regulations are complex. Our knowledge and experience can help you meet the challenges. Whether you are an LQG, an SQG, a TSDF, or you’re just not sure, LFI can help you figure it all out.

LFI’s waste services include…
  • Proper characterization of waste streams
  • Hazardous waste registration and annual reporting
  • RCRA compliance assistance for generators and disposal facilities
  • Auditing of Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDFs)
  • Employee hazardous waste training
  • Preparation of Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Plans
  • Closure of RCRA waste storage areas
  • Negotiation with regulatory agencies
  • Assistance with waste minimization