Linebach Funkhouser saved $1 Million over the competition.

LFI personnel were retained by a national plastics manufacturing company to develop a Remediation Plan for a plastic sheeting manufacturing site in Connecticut. The site was initially developed in 1900 and had been used for approximately 46 years for the repackaging and distribution of pesticides and herbicides. As part of site divestiture activities, it was established that historic handling practices at the site had resulted in the release of organochlorine pesticides and herbicides to surface and subsurface soil.

LFI personnel developed a site assessment strategy that included the use of immunoassay tests in the field to cost effectively delineate the horizontal and vertical extent of contamination. The remediation involved the use of an engineered control across the site (geotextile membrane and asphalt cap). The risk-based remediation approach, which was approved by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, resulted in savings of approximately $1 million over an initial approach, developed by another consultant, that would have entailed extensive excavation and hazardous waste disposal fees.

Key Services

  • Site Assessment/Remediation
  • Engineered Control Plan
  • Property Divestiture
  • Negotiations with CDEP

Regulatory Programs/Issues

  • Voluntary Cleanup
  • Property Divestiture
  • Property Redevelopment