Environmental concerns and potential liabilities transcend international borders, as does the expertise of Linebach Funkhouser, Inc.’s environmental professionals.  LFI staff maintain active passports and visas and have completed projects in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia for a diverse base of clients ranging from a private prison management corporation to an international manufacturer of clothing fasteners to the world’s largest oil company.

LFI installed the first groundwater remediation system in Saudi Arabia, a task that involved supervising the drilling of multiple groundwater monitoring and recovery wells and installation of a state-of-the-art groundwater treatment system at a remote location near the Red Sea.  LFI overcame challenging logistics, language and cultural obstacles, international monetary and shipping challenges, limited equipment access, and extreme temperatures to carry-out the work on this $1.2 million project.

Linebach Funkhouser Group

International work and the special challenges it provides has a way of separating the average from the excellent.  Those involved in international environmental work must be tough, persistent, industrious, creative, efficient, and extremely proficient at their profession.  LFI’s staff have all been selectively and carefully chosen based on their command of those characteristics, and we have the track record to prove it.