2014-10-07 13.24.14_500x375The iconic New Orleans Po’boy sandwich can be found in nearly every sandwich shop in NOLA, but few do it as well, or as large, as Crabby Jacks. Located in an industrial section of nearby Jefferson, LA, the restaurant is unpretentious and easy to miss.

The commercial seafood distributor next door provides the shrimp and/or oysters that are dumped by the quart into the Gendusa Po’boy loaf. The portions would make Henry VIII blush. They come in ½ and full portions. Anyone who can eat a full Po’boy from here deserves a medal.

If the bounty of the sea is not your thing, Po’boys can also be filled with the beasts of the land and air. These include Roast Beef, Chicken, Sausage, and even Duck. People say the seafood platters and fried chicken are also good, but I keep sticking with the Po’boys. It’s on the way out to the airport, and is always a better choice than any airline/airport food.

428 Jefferson Highway

Jefferson, LA