louisianaWhen most people think of “Cajun” and “Mardi Gras” the first place that comes to mind is New Orleans; however, if you make that observation to a southern Louisiana native, prepare to be met with a head-shaking, yet good natured scolding (probably in French).

As many of the locals will be more than happy to tell you, “real” Cajun country is more about the sprawling lowland crawfish farms of southern Louisiana in lesser-hyped locales such as Eunice, Youngsville, and coastal Morgan City.  For a true Cajun dining and cultural experience, try D.I.’s Cajun Food and Music in Basile where you can eat your fill of gumbo and enjoy live Cajun music by Brigg’s Brown and The Bayou Cajuns and many other local performers.  Oh, and if you find yourself in  the area during football season, feel free to scream “Who Dat!” to every person you see – it’s the universal language.