If you think you’re a pretty big deal, Hazel’s Knotty Pine probably isn’t going to work out well for you.  Hazel not only provides good home-cooked meals and ice-cold beer, she’ll give you a taste of good-ole Kentucky down-home common sense that you can take to the bank.  No charge.  And she’s not keen on much sass back. I passed on the meatloaf special for a cheeseburger and fries.  An obvious rookie mistake by a city boy. After questioning the decision-making track-record of my family heritage and casting doubt on my male gender credentials,  Hazel delivered a pretty-tasty burger and some fine-tasting fries.  I only wish somebody would’ve warned me to not take the pickles off.  At Hazel’s, you eat what you’re served.   Just brush-up on your NASCAR, put the name Heineken out of your head, and don’t even think about mentioning soccer.


Hazel’s Knotty Pine

9073 Mason Lewis Road

Maysville, KY