During a tour of sites in the Mississippi Delta, we headed south from Memphis and ended up spending the night in Greenville, MS. We received several very enthusiastic recommendations to head down to Doe’s Eat Place for dinner. Doe’s is located in a rather unassuming white building, in fact, we weren’t sure that we had the right place until we noticed the signed pictures of John Grisham, Archie Manning, and other notable Mississippi favorites on the walls. A couple of things we should point out if you visit Doe’s….you enter through the kitchen (grab a beer from the cooler on your way)….you may or may not get a menu….make sure you bring an appetite. The menu is basic, we recommend starting out with an order (or two) of the tamales, the house salad, and then get to work on a generous-sized sirloin or ribeye. Overall, Doe’s is one of our favorites!

Doe’s Eat Place
502 Nelson Street
Greenville, MS